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Discover How To Be Successful At Getting What You Want

Life is short as the saying goes. If that is true then we should go for what we want in life, right away. The trick is knowing clearly what you do want and most importantly why.
When I was younger I didn’t give this concept much thought. Like most people I dealt with life as it came at me. Go to college because that’s what I was encouraged to do. Get a job because the structure of society mandated that I pay for all the trappings of modern life.
It wasn’t till much later in my life, like when I was 40 year old, that I really started to consider what I wanted my life to look like. What did I really want and why?
I knew that just getting by working for someone at a job was not doing it for me. I realized I was not going to fulfill my own dreams and ambitions spending 40 hours a week or more for thirty or forty years at a job. If I worked at a job for 30 years at 40 hours a week. I would give 1920 hours a year of my life, which comes out to 57,600 hours over 30 years. It is true that we must do what we have to, to take care of ourselves and our families. Most people need to have a job, they are not going to step out of the job box and become an entrepreneur.
I have always felt that there were a lot more possibilities for me in life if I did not subscribe to the standard traditional notion of just getting a job. So I became a working artist in my later twenties. I was independent and traveled and sold my art work for over twenty years, with some success. Eventually I started to burn out on the lifestyle of traveling to art shows and when the economy took a downward trend around 2003, I reconsidered what I wanted to do next.
I knew I wanted to continue being an entrepreneur, I did not want a job working to fulfill some else’s dream. I redesigned my own dream of what I wanted and why I wanted it.
I wanted to have a business where I could leverage my time to make the money I needed to live, in as little time as possible. This way I could have more time and money for other non income producing activities. I also wanted the money I did work for to represent and contribute to a positive mission for helping other people and for helping to preserve the planet from environmental destruction.
This new vision of what I wanted and why seemed at first to be a tall order. I did not have a lot of capital to start a new business, especially a business that could have an impact on global environmental preservation. It also seemed like it would be unrealistic to expect to start a business where I could work part time for a full time income.
I had to do some serious thinking and searching. What I finally came up with was a business model that I new about but had previously rejected as not credible, mostly out of ignorance. I decided that I would take a serious look at network marketing. I knew this industry had grown considerably in the last twenty years and that many people had made a lot of money using this time leveraged model of business. I knew I did not have the money or the desire to try and start my own network marketing company. What I did know was that I could partner with a company as an independent associate and be able to use the network marketing time leveraged business model to accomplish my goals.
The next hurdle was to find the right company. The company would have to have the right kind of pure sustainably produced products that really helped people and made peoples lives better. Products I could believe in and distribute with passion and enthusiasm. The company would have to have a serious mission and vision for using their company to preserve the global environment. How to find a company like this was going to be a challenge.
As I began my research, I discovered that just like in other industries; in the network marketing industry there were credible, honest companies with high integrity. I discovered there were also companies that did not have a high degree of integrity and were not honest in the way they conducted their business.
It took some time to sort through a lot of companies to find the one that fit all my criteria.
I was fortunate. I did find the company I was looking for and I am am now …

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How To Generate Or Search For Business Ideas

There are many ways to search for business common sources are explained below:
(a) Newspapers: Reading newspapers and paying considerable attention to the classified advertising section will reveal: commercial opportunities: E.g published information about companies needs for a product/service may offer clue useful in marking appropriate choice and most adverts will indicate services and products required by some organisations.
(b) published texts:-Entrepreneurs do aware of event or information that occur within their environment;where this can be achieved on by reading journals,textbooks,newspaper,public or private notices reading all these publications,entrepreneur will stay ahead of information.
(c) Hobbies: what one love doing most i.e his or her hobbies can also be turn into a profitable,full time enterprise.Instead of doing it for just only fun and pleasure,it is an opportunity to turn it business.I have meet many people who are just funny for nothing,and I also know people who have turn their fun to comedy,realising thousand of dollar for every fun they make.
(4) Shows and exhibition: when one attended shows organise by industries and exhibition sponsored by manufactures and distributors do leads to another way to find ideas to see ideas that can be turn to enterprises or businesses.
(5) Government publications: Publication from government like Ministry of Industries, Federal Office of Statistics,Raw Material Research Institutes etc. can generate business idea.
(6) Publication of professional bodies: Professional bodies like ACCA,CISA,CISM, assist in generating new business ideas.
(7) Private firm: Advertising and market research firm offer services that has to do with generation of business ideas.
(8) Industrial visits: Visiting the existing industries may also triggered ideas on businesses.
(9) Survey: When study consumers of product in an area,it allows one to know what service or product they want or need in an become an opportunity for an entrepreneur to build a business can exercise survey practice through the following avenue:
– Personal contact with friends and family members
– Observation of business activities in the community
– Questionnaire; Prepared question on one product or services can give one information and reality when they are given to customers or people in an area.
– Interviews: Personal chatting with people using the purpose of generating business ideas.
(10) Brainstorming; Entrepreneur do brainstorm alone or with two or three people to generate a business ideas
(11) Vocational training and experience: A business idea may be generated through the entrepreneur area of training e.g. a teacher establishing a private school, a mechanic starting an automobile workshop and a Chartered Accountant establishing an accounting firm.…

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The Business

DMOZ and the Online Money Trail

The great directory that is DMOZ is full of opportunities to make money online but some people are not just imaginative enough to take advantage of the situation. There are many people that will just set up a website and then leave it till kingdom come. You should be on the lookout for such websites because they can be an absolute gem. First of all the search engines will give you credit for the fact that the website has been online for a significant period of time. Furthermore the owner will be only too happy to get rid of a dead end website.
You should start off with the minimum offers and then raise the stakes gradually until you are at a situation whereby the profitability of that website is enough to justify the initial investment. There will be some ongoing running costs that you need to get the website up to scratch. You should take this as part of the investment that you need to do in order to make money from those websites. The formula is relatively straightforward but you will need to put in the hours in terms of developing a strategy for the information that you have on the website.
The categories that are used on the DMOZ website should inspire you with the niche that you are trying to make. If you collect the right sets of related information then it is likely that you will end up with a niche that you can sell to the people that want to market it. We have found that the niche areas are very attractive to entrepreneurs because they attract people that are very likely to buy the product. This is in stark contrast to the generic system whereby you can literally see all sorts of people browsing the website.
In dealing with the copyright issues you should be prepared to compensate the people that came up with the idea of the web pages in the first place. The kind of compensation that they are likely to demand is far less than the overall profitability that you are going to get from the system. You have to discuss with them the possibilities of improving the website but you should not reveal the full extent of your plans. They might snatch them and turn them into their own money making scheme. You should try to copyright your imagination when working online.…

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Business Owner

5 Tips for Designing Effective Facebook Fan Pages for Your Online Home Business

Facebook has become a social media phenomenon on the Web and as a result has created an incredible marketing opportunity for home business owners online. The social media presence on the Internet has grown to unbelievable proportions and to ignore its presence and influence on the business community and the opportunities it presents would be a huge mistake.
The first step in creating an Internet marketing strategy by using Facebook is to develop an effective fan page on their website and here are 5 tips for doing just that:
1. This probably goes without saying but I’m going to say it anyway. Always design your page with your target market in mind. This means providing content which offers something of value to your potential customers as well as to your current clients. This could consist of links to valuable resources, free gifts or informative articles related to your niche.
2. Try to stay on topic by only posting content that’s related to your target market. Don’t make the mistake of using it as a personal sounding board for your opinions on current affairs or sports. Always remember why you’ve created this fan page and who you had in mind when you created it.
3. As with any blog or business website be sure to update it on a regular basis with new information. Your main objective is to create a following of fans for your online home business from this Facebook page, and in order to attract them and keep them coming back for more content you must keep them posted on new developments regularly.
4. Don’t forget to promote yourself as well as your Internet enterprise through this media. Branding is critical to the success of any business so you should highlight your accomplishments within the Internet marketing niche so you’ll be viewed as an expert in your particular area. Branding yourself as an authority in your field is a critical step toward gaining the respect and recognition both you and your enterprise need online.
5. Always keep in mind Facebook is a social media website so try to let your personality take center stage on occasion so your followers will get to know you as the person behind the business.
Try to deviate from the business like approach at times so your character becomes evident to your visitors which will also help you with building relationships with your prospects. However, there’s a fine line between letting your hair down, so to speak, and losing sight of your professional image. Keeping this in mind you should never cross this line by retaining your professional demeanor at all times.
Facebook fan pages are all the rage among Internet marketers these days and by creating an effective one for your online home business you can take your venture to the next level thanks to this social media juggernaut.…

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Why Did I Start My Own Business?

There are a lot of reasons to start your own business. Here are just some of MY reasons for going into business with myself:
* I am now my own boss. I don’t answer to someone else’s demands or criticisms (well except for the occasional comments from the husband, and of course, my customers).
* I set my own hours. I love getting out of bed when I wake up, not when the alarm clock goes off. And I love being able to work until 4 AM if I am really excited about a project. I also thoroughly enjoy having lunch with friends whenever I want, not just on weekends. Of course, it also means that some weeks I work 60 to 80 hours, but that’s by choice, not because someone else told me I “had” to.
* After about two years, I’m now earning about as much as I did before I started working for myself. And I see my earnings going up a bit more each month.
* My days at work are exciting and very unpredictable. I work on current projects, then – wham! – I get a new idea and I’m off and running in that direction. Of course, I still have to keep up with my client’s needs, so I am careful to find a balance between old and new. Every day is a new day.
* I am constantly learning new things and meeting new people, sometimes in person, but most of the time online. It’s also very rewarding to finish a project had find I either have a very satisfied customer, or I’m making money with some affiliate marking project. Life is good in the Anderson household.
* Giving back to my community is also part of owning my own business. I now have time for two non-profit service organizations whose websites I not only create and keep updated, but I help them help my local community. I never had time when I was working for someone else because the meetings are during the work day.
These are just a few of the reasons why I own my own business. There are a million other reasons for a million other people. What are your reasons for working for yourself?…

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Business Website

Your Small Business Idea Can Make You Rich – If You Answer “Yes” to These 10 Questions

You’re an entrepreneur, going into business with the expectation that your business idea is a good one, and that your future is bright. You’re ambitious, brave and optimistic. Admirable qualities for an entrepreneur, but not nearly enough. Unless you consider the likely possibilities, and verify that your business idea is sound to start with, you may be in for some unhappy surprises.

It’s easy to fall in love with your business idea, to ignore the negatives and focus on the positives. Which means that while your idea may be the best thing since Bill Gates came up with Microsoft, your refusal to ask yourself the tough questions just might be leading you into a business failure. If there are basic problems with your idea, know what they are, going in. You may conclude that your idea needs work before you put your career, and your bankroll, on the line. Or maybe that a different idea, altogether, holds more promise..

There are countless matters to consider, and questions to answer, if you’re to put your new business on the track to success. We can’t deal with all of them here, but these are 10 of the most basic issues for you to consider. Answer “yes” to all these questions, and you can be comfortable that your business idea has merit.

Is there a real need for what you have to sell? Who will you sell it to? There can be a great difference between what you’re trying to sell and what people are ready to buy. Don’t think you can generate a market where none exists right now. Even giant companies, with immense advertising budgets, often fail at it.

Is the trend of business in your market on the upswing, or at least stable? You don’t want to try to sell into a declining market.

Is your business in the right place, at the right time? Timing and location are often critical factors.

Do you have enough business capital? Inevitably, it seems, it takes more money than you think.

The number one reason new businesses fail is: not enough capital. And of course, you have to keep putting food on your table, too, while your business moves toward profitability.

Have you made realistic cost and sales projections, and do they make good business sense? It’s hard to tell if you’re meeting your goals if you don’t know what they are.

Does your idea have sales appeal? You’ll have an easier time building your business if your product generates a clear sense of sales excitement.

Are you competitive? You must know who your competitors are, what they offer, how they sell, and who they sell to.

Is your business idea simple enough for your new company to execute without operating or sales problems? Your new business has better opportunities if the basic idea is straightforward and uncomplicated.

Can your new business be up and running within a reasonable time? Until you’re able to start selling, money keeps going out, with none coming in.

Is the risk reasonable? The risk should be commensurate with the projected rewards. It makes little business sense to take a big risk if the expected profits aren’t big, too.

Don’t try to sell yourself on your idea. Be tough-minded and objective. If your idea isn’t sound, better to find out now than six months or a year from now, when you’re inundated with bills you can’t pay. If your idea is sound, it will withstand careful analysis, and you’ll have the confidence of knowing you’re about to travel a productive road to riches.…

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Google My Business

An Online Home Based Business – Operating A City Guide Website

Here is an online home based business that very few people think about but can be quite profitable. If you like being involved with the city or town you live in, owning a city guide community website is not only a great way to be involved, but also a way to give back to your community by offering its business owners a place that they can advertise at a very low cost.
Small business owners may spend hundreds of dollars each month on advertising. Go to a small town newspaper and place an ad. A small ad could cost $100 for just one week. So business owners are always looking for a way to advertise that is inexpensive. By owning a community website you give people a chance to show off their goods and services in a way they could not do in a newspaper or radio. They have their own page on your website where they can update it any time they want. They can post pictures of their store and special sales that are going on. It is all under their control.
So how do you make money with a city guide website? As the owner you set a monthly or yearly price to rent a page on your website. Say you rent a page at $10 per month and you get 50 owners to sign up. That is $500 each month. Not a lot when you first look at it but when you keep adding businesses it starts to add up. Also you can have banner add space for companies who want to advertise on your main page and set prices according to the size of the banner they want. If you like affiliate marketing you can promote products and services through ClickBank or Commission Junction with banner ads and getting commissions. How about having E-Bay in your site map. Visitors click E-Bay and they see live bids going. If they decide to buy a product through your website, you get a commission.
What if you do not know how to build a city guide website? If you Google “your city guide” you will find a few companies with ready made websites. All they need is the name of your city/town and in a few hours your community website is up and running. The monthly costs to operate these sites are very low so you already are ahead in initial investment and they are set up to start making money immediately.
The next thing you have to do is get business owners to sign up and start driving traffic to your website. Remember, these owners are your clients and they are paying you to drive traffic to their web page. You are their promoter, so learn how to advertise effectively.
So operating a city guide website can be a very profitable online home based business if run effectively. It can be fun as well as rewarding. Your imagination can go wild with ways to make your site a go to place for your community.…