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I Want to Start a Home Business That Works – But I Don’t Know What To Do? Some Ideas That Work

There are many people trying to sell you money-making schemes, businesses and opportunities. Some do work; Some require a small initial investment but for it to really work a much larger investment is required. Some require a large stock holding, which is capital sitting on the shelf, waiting for a buyer. I could go on but you know this already. The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of people end up wasting money!
We would all like to subsidise our income in these economic times or start a business from home that has minimal set up costs; is easy to run and with low monthly operating costs. We often hear about others, who have come up with the perfect idea that makes money but I know from personal experience that this does not happen very often. And even with the perfect idea, many will fail because they don’t know how to market that product or service.
There are basically two types of people, those who have the idea – a product or service and those who don’t.
Let’s start with those who have a product or service. What do you do – well the majority will rush off and spend money investing in that all important website which will show off their product or service. Have it uploaded on to the fastest growing market place in the world – the Web and hope that loads of people will find it and buy the product or service. Many website designers have told me that people will spend money on their site but will skimp when it comes to marketing that site.
What you need is a good marketing plan that is cost effective and targets the customer base that you are aiming for and in the area that you can service – after all not everyone can provide a global business or service and if you can’t target your advertising then you are throwing money away.
But what if you don’t, How do you come up with that novel idea that is going to make you money. That’s the $64 million question!
And the answer is…
You Don’t.
Impossible you say. But what if I tell you that’s not the case; That you can start a new business today?
No product, no service, no website of your own, No Facebook, Twitter or other social network account.
In fact, all you need is access to the internet and the will to create a financial future for yourself.…