Avoid 3 Common Mistakes: What Baby Boomers Must Know About Starting an Internet Marketing Business

Are you a baby boomer who’s been lured into an internet marketing business opportunity by seductive advertising? Have you fallen prey to “get rich quick” schemes even though you know they don’t work? It’s easy to do. Just click on an ad showing images of hundreds of hundred dollar bills, or read captivating rags-to-riches stories. The temptation, and thinking that “this one is different” exists. However, make a rash decision without care and caution, and you may get yourself into hot water. Plus, separating the legitimate from the scams often poses a challenge.
According to research 90 percent of baby boomers fail at these types of businesses within a few months. Why? Because they don’t realize that each, and every opportunity needs significant time and energy. It’s more than paying a small amount to access the opportunity. It’s a business. Like any business, it needs an action plan.
Instead people approach the opportunity thinking they need to do very little, except dream of lazing on a white-sanded beach sipping their drink of choice.
Don’t get me wrong, there are many internet marketing business opportunities that are very real, well-founded, and offer the possibility of significant earnings.
But, telling the good, from the not so good, means avoiding some common simple mistakes, which baby boomers looking for an online home-based business opportunity, need to take to heart.
Here are three of the most important mistakes to avoid:
1. Avoid impulsiveness
Because it’s so easy to be drawn into enticing offers, limited opportunities, irresistible propositions, it’s challenging to avoid making impulsive decisions. As hard as it might be, if you are truly looking for a work from home online business opportunity, you must look before you leap, and resist any quick decisions – however tempting and tantalizing.
In your search to find something that could potentially be of interest, step back and start your research. When I start my scrutiny search, I love to Google the term “XYZ Company sucks.” This often reveals the thoughts and opinions of people who have fallen prey to scams. If you find one or two, take note of their dissatisfaction, and whining, and realize you can never please everyone. However, when you find pages of complaints, this should set off the alarm bells as a sure sign to keep searching for the ideal business opportunity that fits your specific needs.
2. Avoid unrealistic time commitments
Realize that every online marketing opportunity comes with a time commitment. To be successful, more often than not, involves many hours to get set up, and then to get the business going. It’s important to know at the beginning what kind of time commitment is necessary. Then you must assess what’s possible based on your other current responsibilities.
Pay special attention especially if you plan to make this a sideline to a regular full-time job. Make sure that it’s a suitable match based the on the number of hours you have available. There are many internet marketing business opportunities for baby boomers to work at in their spare time, or full-time. However, be savvy and know at the onset what’s expected. The more diligent you are with your time management, the more likely you are to succeed. To be successful often means more hours than you can spare, so always veer on the conservative side, and count on fewer hours rather than more that you have to commit.
3. Avoid financial surprises
Every internet marketing business opportunity comes with an price tag, be it large or small. Once you commit to an investment, know what else you need to budget for.
Internet marketing doesn’t operate in a vacuum. There are going to be other monies you will to need to spend – guaranteed! The question is how much? Will you need to pay for advertising, and or other services needed to make your operation run smoothly? For example, if you need an auto responder to an email blast, you’ll have to subscribe to a service. If you want to use article marketing as a promotional tool, you’ll either need to subscribe to a distribution service, or buy some special software to get maximum exposure. The list goes on and on. What you want to avoid are surprises – financial commitments you weren’t expecting.
Taking on a new work from home business opportunity with good planning, time management and realistic financial expectations, will help get you started in the right direction to becoming a successful internet marketer.

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