Discover How To Be Successful At Getting What You Want

Life is short as the saying goes. If that is true then we should go for what we want in life, right away. The trick is knowing clearly what you do want and most importantly why.
When I was younger I didn’t give this concept much thought. Like most people I dealt with life as it came at me. Go to college because that’s what I was encouraged to do. Get a job because the structure of society mandated that I pay for all the trappings of modern life.
It wasn’t till much later in my life, like when I was 40 year old, that I really started to consider what I wanted my life to look like. What did I really want and why?
I knew that just getting by working for someone at a job was not doing it for me. I realized I was not going to fulfill my own dreams and ambitions spending 40 hours a week or more for thirty or forty years at a job. If I worked at a job for 30 years at 40 hours a week. I would give 1920 hours a year of my life, which comes out to 57,600 hours over 30 years. It is true that we must do what we have to, to take care of ourselves and our families. Most people need to have a job, they are not going to step out of the job box and become an entrepreneur.
I have always felt that there were a lot more possibilities for me in life if I did not subscribe to the standard traditional notion of just getting a job. So I became a working artist in my later twenties. I was independent and traveled and sold my art work for over twenty years, with some success. Eventually I started to burn out on the lifestyle of traveling to art shows and when the economy took a downward trend around 2003, I reconsidered what I wanted to do next.
I knew I wanted to continue being an entrepreneur, I did not want a job working to fulfill some else’s dream. I redesigned my own dream of what I wanted and why I wanted it.
I wanted to have a business where I could leverage my time to make the money I needed to live, in as little time as possible. This way I could have more time and money for other non income producing activities. I also wanted the money I did work for to represent and contribute to a positive mission for helping other people and for helping to preserve the planet from environmental destruction.
This new vision of what I wanted and why seemed at first to be a tall order. I did not have a lot of capital to start a new business, especially a business that could have an impact on global environmental preservation. It also seemed like it would be unrealistic to expect to start a business where I could work part time for a full time income.
I had to do some serious thinking and searching. What I finally came up with was a business model that I new about but had previously rejected as not credible, mostly out of ignorance. I decided that I would take a serious look at network marketing. I knew this industry had grown considerably in the last twenty years and that many people had made a lot of money using this time leveraged model of business. I knew I did not have the money or the desire to try and start my own network marketing company. What I did know was that I could partner with a company as an independent associate and be able to use the network marketing time leveraged business model to accomplish my goals.
The next hurdle was to find the right company. The company would have to have the right kind of pure sustainably produced products that really helped people and made peoples lives better. Products I could believe in and distribute with passion and enthusiasm. The company would have to have a serious mission and vision for using their company to preserve the global environment. How to find a company like this was going to be a challenge.
As I began my research, I discovered that just like in other industries; in the network marketing industry there were credible, honest companies with high integrity. I discovered there were also companies that did not have a high degree of integrity and were not honest in the way they conducted their business.
It took some time to sort through a lot of companies to find the one that fit all my criteria.
I was fortunate. I did find the company I was looking for and I am am now happy and busy building my new future in just the way I want.
Are you someone that thinks out of the job box and wants to make something new and exciting happen in your life; if you want to get what you truly want, I suggest you first focus on a clear vision and understanding of want it is you what and why. Then develop the criteria for the type of business vehicle you will use to get the income you need to fuel your dreams.
Life can be short, so why wait to have the life you want, I say go for it, step out of the box and think big.

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