DMOZ and the Online Money Trail

The great directory that is DMOZ is full of opportunities to make money online but some people are not just imaginative enough to take advantage of the situation. There are many people that will just set up a website and then leave it till kingdom come. You should be on the lookout for such websites because they can be an absolute gem. First of all the search engines will give you credit for the fact that the website has been online for a significant period of time. Furthermore the owner will be only too happy to get rid of a dead end website.
You should start off with the minimum offers and then raise the stakes gradually until you are at a situation whereby the profitability of that website is enough to justify the initial investment. There will be some ongoing running costs that you need to get the website up to scratch. You should take this as part of the investment that you need to do in order to make money from those websites. The formula is relatively straightforward but you will need to put in the hours in terms of developing a strategy for the information that you have on the website.
The categories that are used on the DMOZ website should inspire you with the niche that you are trying to make. If you collect the right sets of related information then it is likely that you will end up with a niche that you can sell to the people that want to market it. We have found that the niche areas are very attractive to entrepreneurs because they attract people that are very likely to buy the product. This is in stark contrast to the generic system whereby you can literally see all sorts of people browsing the website.
In dealing with the copyright issues you should be prepared to compensate the people that came up with the idea of the web pages in the first place. The kind of compensation that they are likely to demand is far less than the overall profitability that you are going to get from the system. You have to discuss with them the possibilities of improving the website but you should not reveal the full extent of your plans. They might snatch them and turn them into their own money making scheme. You should try to copyright your imagination when working online.

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