Home Businesses – 10 Low-Cost Ideas

Love to own your own business? Here are ten ideas for low-cost home businesses that work!
Good at math, English or music? Have teaching qualifications? Then consider tutoring children in your area either in your home or theirs. In these days, of competitive parenting there is a strong demand for educational services. Just a short ad in local publications advertising your skills and you could be quickly running a business to your own timetable.
If you are at home caring for your kids, then could you offer babysitting services for others? Check government policies for rules and regulations around in-home childcare or informally ask around friends and neighbors.
Dog-walking or Grooming
Many working dog-owners just don’t have time to take their dogs for long they might be feeling pretty guilty about it. Reliable dog-walkers are actually quite hard to come by and a simple leaflet drop around your neighborhood might secure some business.
OK not too easy to do with a baby under your arm but if your kids are at school, a cleaning business could help you earn a few dollars to your own timetable.
Cake making or Catering
Enjoy making cakes or cooking? You will be amazed at how many “time poor” people would love to buy pretty birthday cakes, cupcakes or catering for their dinner parties. Again ask around your networks, deliver leaflets or advertise in local publications.
Website or graphic design
If you have these type of skills, lucky you, you can definitely build a home business! Build up your portfolio by offering low-cost or free services and then pitch for work via the internet.
Selling e-books
Whether fiction or “how to” books, selling literature on the internet has never been easier. But even if you don’t have the skills to write your own material, you can also purchase “white label” e-Books for resale, re-brand them and then sell them again multiple times for a profit.
Creative Pursuits
There is actually a large market for hand-crafted goods. So if you are able to make beautiful products at home, consider selling them through online auction sites or craft fairs.
Buy to Sell
Got a good eye? Able to negotiate a good deal on a bulk order to sell on individually? Whether antiques or imported goods, you can set up a cheap online store or sell locally to your networks.
Internet Marketing
Make money selling other people’s products. Join affiliate programs and get commission on sales through your referrals.
Other ideas might include freelance consulting in your area of specialty, preparing accounts or tax returns, research, copy-writing or editing. Simply focus on your particular skill set and take action today!

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