How To Generate Or Search For Business Ideas

There are many ways to search for business common sources are explained below:
(a) Newspapers: Reading newspapers and paying considerable attention to the classified advertising section will reveal: commercial opportunities: E.g published information about companies needs for a product/service may offer clue useful in marking appropriate choice and most adverts will indicate services and products required by some organisations.
(b) published texts:-Entrepreneurs do aware of event or information that occur within their environment;where this can be achieved on by reading journals,textbooks,newspaper,public or private notices reading all these publications,entrepreneur will stay ahead of information.
(c) Hobbies: what one love doing most i.e his or her hobbies can also be turn into a profitable,full time enterprise.Instead of doing it for just only fun and pleasure,it is an opportunity to turn it business.I have meet many people who are just funny for nothing,and I also know people who have turn their fun to comedy,realising thousand of dollar for every fun they make.
(4) Shows and exhibition: when one attended shows organise by industries and exhibition sponsored by manufactures and distributors do leads to another way to find ideas to see ideas that can be turn to enterprises or businesses.
(5) Government publications: Publication from government like Ministry of Industries, Federal Office of Statistics,Raw Material Research Institutes etc. can generate business idea.
(6) Publication of professional bodies: Professional bodies like ACCA,CISA,CISM, assist in generating new business ideas.
(7) Private firm: Advertising and market research firm offer services that has to do with generation of business ideas.
(8) Industrial visits: Visiting the existing industries may also triggered ideas on businesses.
(9) Survey: When study consumers of product in an area,it allows one to know what service or product they want or need in an become an opportunity for an entrepreneur to build a business can exercise survey practice through the following avenue:
– Personal contact with friends and family members
– Observation of business activities in the community
– Questionnaire; Prepared question on one product or services can give one information and reality when they are given to customers or people in an area.
– Interviews: Personal chatting with people using the purpose of generating business ideas.
(10) Brainstorming; Entrepreneur do brainstorm alone or with two or three people to generate a business ideas
(11) Vocational training and experience: A business idea may be generated through the entrepreneur area of training e.g. a teacher establishing a private school, a mechanic starting an automobile workshop and a Chartered Accountant establishing an accounting firm.

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