Recession Proof Careers – 4 Great Start-Ups for $500 Or Less

Small Business Ideas Online
There are so many fabulous ways to make money online today it can be easy to build recession proof careers using the internet. Whether you’re interested in network marketing or building another home based business, it’s so inexpensive and foolproof you’ll have no trouble at all. Keep reading and I’ll share four great start up ideas that will cost you $500 or less.
The World of Online Marketing
For each of these start-up business ideas for building a new career online you’ll first need a website or blog. Blogging sites like Blogger and Word Press offer free blog hosting while a web server can be purchased for a few dollars a month. You can buy your own domain name for only $10 – $15 but some hosting programs will offer your first domain for free.
As you begin to look around at some of the business systems and tools online, be very aware that there are unscrupulous online marketers waiting in the wings to prey on an unsuspecting newcomer. There are no get-rich-overnight systems, even in the world of online marketing. If something sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is.
Four Easy Start-ups
Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing programs allow you to promote other people’s products on your site or blog. For every sale you make, you’ll earn a hefty commission. Many times the commission is 50% or more. Choose products that are in-line with your site or blog’s specific niche and that you believe your visitors will be interested in. Don’t clog up your site with nothing but affiliate links. Offer product reviews and good content around any products you promote.
Virtual Store Fronts – You can turn your site or blog into a virtual store by listing products that are offered through a dropshipper. There are many dropshippers available and you should be able to find one that carries products related to your niche. You simple take your customers’ orders and send the information to the dropshipper who handles all the inventory control and product shipping for you.
Develop Virtual Products – If you possess a special knowledge or have a related area of expertise in your niche, consider developing your own virtual product to promote on your site. This can be an email training course, online coaching course or ebook.
Top Tier Marketing – One of the most exciting new recession proof careers to come along in some time is the new top tier marketing networks. These systems utilize the “new rules of money” that we are all having to deal with in this “new economy.” If you tried MLM marketing in the past with no luck, consider looking into this new approach to network marketing. While this start-up will require a greater investment than the other three methods, these systems come with a community of experts who will support and guide you along the way. It’s a tool so powerful that it’s difficult to put a value on.
It Takes Time
While the top tier networks will get you up and running in no time, the other three recession proof careers will take time to develop. You’ll need to learn about and implement search engine optimization so that your site gets enough traffic to become profitable. Hang in there, dedicate time each day to building your business and your work will be rewarded.

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