Start Your Own Cleaning Business – A Business You Can Clean Up With

How would you like to start your own cleaning business and make money while being your own boss? Start-up costs are minimal and you set your hours based on when you are available to work, yet also meet the needs of the customer.
Cleaning is a chore that most people do not enjoy and for working adults who have children or pets to care for, they simply may not have the time required to keep a house clean throughout the week.
What It Involves:
Operating a cleaning business entails all aspects of house cleaning, to include vacuuming, mopping, dusting, taking out the trash, washing dishes, doing windows, making beds and may also include doing laundry while taking care of all other duties around the home.
How To Get Started:
While getting the business up and running, advertising is essential and is done by posting signs, handing out business cards and by speaking with friends and family so the information will travel via word of mouth.
Social networking is another way to share information. Once you have made contacts with people who need their homes cleaned, you will schedule an appointment for discussing duties, supplies usage and pricing. Then, a contract should be drawn up to avoid any confusion about what is expected when services are performed.
Prices can be set at hourly or at a flat rate. Supplies are purchased by the homeowner or brought in by the cleaner, but the costs for supplies should be considered when setting rates. It is essential for the new business owner to be trustworthy in order to gain access to the home while the tenant is away and to build a good working relationship with the homeowner or apartment tenant.

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