Why A Grease Trap Must Be Cleaned Properly

It is imperative to keep a grease trap clean. For most restaurant owners or any commercial kitchen, a poorly maintained grease trap can be problematic for their business. A grease trap is found in most commercial kitchens, and it filters fat, oil, and grease from the water in sinks and dishwashers. There will be several reasons to keep the grease trap clean, and in some cases, find a company who provides the service of cleaning a grease trap.

Importance Of Keeping A Grease Trap Clean

• Prevent foul odors
• Keeps the device from clogging
• Minimizes risk of violating a state’s health code
• Keeps customers

Any grease trap cleaning newport news va will prevent food and oils buildup in a grease trap. A buildup occurs due to poor maintenance, and it leads to rotting particles of food and other debris to emit foul odors throughout the establishment. By properly cleaning the grease trap, the buildup will become infrequent and no one would need to worry about a foul stench in an eatery. A grease trap should be kept clean because it will prevent sink or dishwasher from being clogged. In some states, it is a violation of health codes to have a high-level of oil drain to the city’s sewer system. A business could be fined or have their license to operate suspended until the problem is fixed. A clean grease trap will make violations a rare occurrence. When customers do not visit because of odors or violations due to a clogged grease trap, it causes businesses to lose money. By cleaning the grease trap, the establishment is not exposing customers to foul odors, and it helps customers continue to visit an eatery. It keeps a business operating when the grease trap is maintained. There are few businesses who are willing to clean the grease trap but do thorough research before selecting a company.

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The Correct Service For Cleaning A Grease Trap

Comparison shopping is a good method for finding the correct service. A person would want to narrow a list to three or four choices who meet the standards for selection. A standard to ensure the job is done properly is the grease trap cleaning company must have the proper credentials. The company must have a license to reflect they can clean a grease trap. One may want to check local ordinance to know what is required. It is good to know if the service will be able to maintain a schedule of cleaning a grease trap. A grease trap normally requires cleaning from 1-3 months. The cleaning of grease trap schedule will vary due in part to the size of the grease trap, how many people visits, and the method of cooking used. There may be a rule stating the grease trap must be cleaned every 90 days, but the number of days could vary, but the company hired for cleaning should be able to meet schedule demand. The cost of cleaning a grease trap will be influenced by the location of a business. There are other factors such as the size of the trap to influence cleanup cost. In some locations, it cost could range from $300 to over $1000, but with research averages for the state can be found and used as a baseline when selecting a grease trap cleaning company.